High Dynamic Range

A style of photography that is growing rapidly in popularity is HDR Photography.

High Dynamic Range:

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Blending is an effective post-processing technique employed by photo editing experts. By blending multiple images with different exposure levels, you get one final image that has the perfect lighting and highlights the important aspect of the property. This technique allows experts to structure flawless images by balancing the bright spots and shadows. HDR blending helps photographers to represent the property closer to what a human eye perceives. 

Our Importance:

As HDR blending drastically improves the quality of the real estate images, uploading such flawless images is more likely to impress the target audience online. The audience prefers to see high-definition images of the property as they give better clarity and focus on the details of the interiors.

  • White balance adjustments
  • Noise or grain reduction
  • Retaining window details
  • Brightness and contrast modification
Importance of HDR Blending:

HDR imaging is the process by which multiple exposures are merged to create a perfectly balanced image. It is incredibly popular nowadays and is used across a wide range of applications besides real estate such as fashion, product, and landscape photography. Nowadays, HDR imaging comes inbuilt in newer camera models and is surprisingly easier than before. However, the images require ample amounts of post-production work by professional Photoshop services to make it presentable across any medium whether print or online.

  • Image resizing
  • Perspective corrections
  • Highlighting shadows
  • Background replacements.

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