Twilight Day-To-Dusk
Twilight Day-To-Dusk

Twilight Day-to-Dusk

Twilight photography is a type of real estate photography taken at dusk. Usually with twilight photography, the aim is to showcase the exterior of the house, highlighting the landscape and other defining features on the property. Everything ranging from pool lighting, fire pits, and sunsets can be captured to enhance the beauty of the property. They are more likely to grab the attention of the buyer when a home search is performed and thumbnails of properties are returned.

Benefits of a Twilight Photo:

  • They showcase property lighting that a buyer generally doesn’t see because they most likely are viewing the home in daylight.
  • They allow you to stick out from your competition by offering a service they don’t offer.
  • They allow you to add a high-value service to your product list.
  • They bring clients to you who normally list higher-end properties, and are more likely to use twilight photography services.

Note: Send your trial images to our Twilight Day-to-Dusk team and get a free test Twilight Day-to-Dusk service from us.